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Elastomeric Roof Coating

Here at Roofin Ron, we ¬†specialize in Commercial Roof Coatings. Coatings can be very beneficial and can really protect, beautify, and add to the longevity of your roof. Coating is not always the way to go, sometimes a new roof is necessary. But if your roof qualifies for a Roof Coating you could prevent costly, damages to your property, cut down energy and cooling costs all while making your roof look new again. Let’s answer a few questions many customers have about our Roof Coating Division. Why is Roof Coating beneficial? What is the cost benefit to Coating a Commercial Roof than Replacing it? What type of Roofs are eligible for Roof Coatings?

Why is Roof Coating Beneficial? 

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Save Energy and Cut Down on Cooling Costs with a Roof Coating

There are several benefits to our Roof Coating System. For Example, if you have a Large Area of Square footage that is covered by a metal roof, it can become hot, especially if the top layer of metal is of a darker color. By applying a white coating to the entire area it can reflect the heat of the sun away from the roof, cooling the area below, and cutting down on energy costs. One of the main reasons to Coat your Roof is to protect it from the Florida Climate. Here we either have Sunshine or Rain, both can be damaging to your roof. The sun can create a hot surface for roof materials to melt or even deteriorate over time. On the other hand Rain water can be damaging by finding areas to penetrate the roof and cause damage to your belongings, property, damage machinery, vehicles, leading to thousands of dollars of unnecessary costs. If you look around your commercial property are there brown or yellow stains on the ceiling tiles, when it rains do you find water dripping or on the floor? Our roof coating System can definitely be of benefit to you.

What is the cost benefit to Coating a Commercial Roof than Replacing it?

When considering investing in installation of a new rroof coating company in bradenton fl roofin ronoof it can be very overwhelming. For many commercial buildings installing a new roof can be in the triple digits thousands. Why replace your roof though when you can protect your current roof for quarter of the cost. By coating your roof instead of replacing it your saving in the 60-80 percentile opening other areas to use budgets. Coating is going to provide the best cost to duration period than a new roof. Not all roofs are eligible for Roof Coatings though, many times roofs have rusted out over time, or have damages beyond repair.. With these roofs replacement would be the best way to go.

What type of Roofs are eligible for Roof Coatings?

There are several roofs that can be of great benefit to our Roof Coating system. Many commercial buildings have flat or rolled roofing material, metal roofs, or even tile. Coating Flat or Rolled Roofing material or Metal Roofs are going to be of BEST benefit due to being material that often attracts heat. These Roofs coated with our White Protective Coating can be energy efficient. One of the benefits of tile roofs is their ability to be coated in any variety of colors, Tile roofs are often coated in white but we have many colors available. Often times Colors are more expensive, and are not as efficient as a White protective coating, yet they can provide a beautiful contrast to your property.

So what are you waiting for? Your Commercial building may be eligible for this Amazing Roof Coating System. Here at Roofin Ron we use local materials made right here in the Sarasota area. So do not wait till you have problems with your roof that are too late to save. Protect your roof now.

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